Legionnaires past and current, the next Post 3 American Legion meeting in Lincoln will featured our very own past 1st Lt. Dale Nurnberg. Dale delived a talk he titled "Remembering Viet Nam: On The Ground and At The Wall". This was about Dale's personal journey and remembrances of his time in the Army (humping the boonies) and after. Dale is a long time Post 3 member and part of the Honor Guard. He talk was both informational and touching. Gave all present what a day was like during his tour in Vietnam and a trip to the wall. We welcome Lt. Nurnberg and all fellow Vietnam Veterans home.

Post 3 meetings are held at the Lincoln Elks Club- 5910 So. 58th St-in the Trade Center behind Raising Canes at 58th and Old Cheney. We have a burger buffet starting at 6:00PM and the meeting will start at 7:00PM.   

Februarys 14 is our next meeting.  This meeting will be our District15 meeting.

You are all invited to come and listen to the candidates that will be running for the various offices.