Denton American Legion Post 355
*1800 meet and greet –Dinner furnished to members at their cost

by Host.*1902 Call to order- By Commander
Present Colors and MIA Chair
Attention to Colors and Pledge of allegiance – By Commander
MIA Chair – By Commander
Prayer – By Commander

Opening Introductions
New Members- self introductions none
Officers – self introductions Commander, Vice Commander, Secretary, Treasurer,

Sgt. At Arms, Road Capt. present
Members in Attendance – self Introductions 16 members present

Guests – sponsor introductions none

Correspondence received (for information to or action by membership)
Reports from officers

Commander Schmale– Appointment of nonelected officers by Commander for 2017.
Historian – Commander
Chaplin- Terry King
Membership Chair- Cec Reinhardt
Safety Officer and Web Master- Joe Dennick

Commander advised - Denton Post 355 is doing a collection for Rodney Nelson. Also an
event for fund raising will be held at Western, NE. rising funds for Nelson medical
Vice Commander Bruner– Abate Bike Show – Reminder on classes of bikes for display.
- Memorial Day celebration – More to follow basically same as last year
Treasurer Dietz– report on finances through end of January 2017. Report submitted and
sent to members via e-mail. Total of all funds $1747.49 Bill Wylder motion to approve
report, Second Rick Stromer, motion carried.
Expenses for February so far: -
- Payment of $350 for a boy to go to Boy’s State was made
Purchase of $500 gift card from Scheels done. ALR paid $400 and got a $100
donation from Scheels.
Payment of $100 donation from bunker fund to Vietnam Vet honor flight people was made.
Secretary Streeter meeting minutes from January 11th meeting were sent to all via e-mail
Motion to approve by Rick Simmons, Second Bill Wylder, motion carried.
Chaplin King – Port of Call for our own- absent.
Sgt. at Arms Bevard – none
Road Captain Smisek- none
Membership Chair Reinhardt- absent - Commander reminded everyone to pay dues.
Old Business
- Progress reports on 2017 Scheels Gift Card Raffle – have the card, have raffle tickets, we will start selling tickets tonight. Sign out for any tickets that you take to sell. Will have tickets at Abate show. Treasurer Dietz will track the tickets ansales. Commander advised Legion National has approved the use of ALR logo on raffle tickets.

Poker Run advertisement with poster. Streeter presented prototype poster. Decision made that poker run will end at Denton Legion Club. Advertisement flyer discussed and approved with noted changes Secretary will make revisions and send via – email to all members.

- Reimbursement of officer expenses bylaw change - proposed by Terry King at January meeting. King absent so no proposal forth coming this was tabled.

Web Page is still working, but no updates have been made after August 2016 Webmaster Dennick advised he will work on web page. He asked for timely notice on events for web page.

- Commander Schmale reported her use of Facebook for notification -Discussion on use of Facebook and the bylaw resolution 1 rules on advertisement of Chapter activities and events. For clarification of how Facebook can be used.
New Business
Streeter- proposed changes to bylaws in accordance to bylaw section XV.
Amendments. These changes would affect 2 sections - I. Membership and section XIV. Dues and Documentation of Membership - (this proposal if accepted will change some of the requirements outlining who can be a member and under what circumstances a person can be a member – change needed for clarification of bylaws and the change would increase dues to $20 annually). Streeter read the proposal for these changes. Discussion was held. Motion made be Streeter to read the proposed bylaw revisions for the first time tonight, a second reading of the proposed changes will be at the March 2017 meeting and the vote to accept or not accept these changes will be at the April 2017 meeting (this is being done so that the dues increase will not take effect until after the deadline for payment of 2017 dues), second by Rick Simmons, Motion carried on a vote of 16 to 0.
Proposed changes to bylaws read officially to all present -a draft of the bylaw
changes will be sent by Streeter to all membership via-e-mail prior to the March meeting, Comments from Floor
- Donna Stevens noted that two members were in the hospital Steve Tyrrell in Bryan WEST Rm 707 and one other member ill but she forgot name. Wants a contact person named for members to contact to let membership know about illness and injury to members. After discussion we will use the web page contact info. To get the word out.  Commander Schmale advised there is a Bill on legislative floor LB368. Helmet
law. Review. Bike show schedule for manpower will be sent out by Commander.

Next meeting date and place - Discussion on place and day of month. – Discussed DAV
on north 70th, Denton Post 355, and Ceresco Post 244. Discussed day of month. Members
selected Denton Post 355 for the next meeting to be on third Thursday of March - March
16th 1800 meet and greet, meeting to start at 1900.

50/50 split the pot – not done
Closing Prayer- Commander
Retirement of Colors – Commander.
Meeting adjourned at: 2024

UP Coming EVENTS for your schedule:

March – 10th Hickman Post 105 fish fry start at 1700

16th Monthly meeting Post 3 ALR Denton Legion host meet and greet at 1800 meeting at 1900 24th Hickman Post 105 fish fry start at 1700
April –1st and 2nd Star City Motor Sports Customer Expo ALR raffle ticket sales
May –  -29th Memorial Day honor events involving ALR time and rally point and ride order to follow.
June – 10th Post 3 annual Flag Day poker run fly sent to everyone on February 17th

Legion Riders

Leadership 2017

Commander:                                       Jody Schmale

Vice-Commander:                                 Henry Bruner

Chaplain:                                                Terry King

Secretary/Membership:                     MiKe Streeter

Treasurer:                                           Dave Dietz

Road Captain/Webmaster:                William Smisek

Sergeant-at-Arms:                              Ron Bevard


Day/Time: ( ARL 3 is moving to a new meeting location at  Denton Legion Club) Meeting 2nd Thursday 7:00 Denton Nebraska

Website: ​     

State Legion Riders

February Meeting Notes