• Located at 123 S. 84th Street
  • AL Post 3 office is open Monday, Friday,  10 - 12 am. and Wednesday 1-3 pm.
  • Mailing address is: Lincoln Post 3
  • 123 South 84th Street, Lincoln, NE 68510
  • Email: post3legionlincoln@gmail.com
  • Jack Sibert AL Post 3 Commander
  • Ed Schnabel Adjutant
  • Office number: 402-466-3958
  • Website:http://www.lincolnpost3.org
  • Facebook: American Legion Post 3 Lincoln, NE
  • Twitter located at LegionPost #3
  • Meeting Elk's Lodge, 5910 S. 58th St.  (Hywy 2 &  Old Cheney Rd) 2nd Tuesday of Month

Why join?

The American Legion is a nonprofit group of veterans wanting to serve their resident communities, after giving their lives and families to safeguard America, through  the U.S. Armed Forces. On a local level, we band together in "posts," where the mission of  the  Legion   takes place daily. Legionnaires  are intrinsically motivated by our  Four Pillars:

  • Children and Youth Programs
  • Americanism
  • National Security
  • Veterans Rehabilitation

The American Legion   is one of the best sourcesof help for any veterans'concerns, whether they be their health, welfare, families, socializing, and especially,supporting your local community.

Ifyou've ever felt left out of the loop of veterans happenings, now's your chance.

Contact American Legion  Post 3 here in Lincoln and add to your life's success.

The American Legion  offers veterans help with filling disability claims, discounts on vehicle rentals, hotels and motels stays, and emergency support. The most important offering for a veteran is the comfort of fellow veterans having your back--your six--as you navigate through life after American military service.

Our Four Pillars  are the best guide to just how far Legionnaires will go to aid fellow veterans and their families



updated 03/20/2018


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