Salvation Army Bellringing

What does it take to show compassion, concern, and sacrifice that no one could
deny, even for those you don’t know? Try your hand at becoming a Salvation
Army volunteer bell ringer over the Christmas holidays.

American Legion Post 3 Legionnaires and their families have been doing just
that for decades at any number of locations around Lincoln. You may be shopping
for groceries. Your family might be looking for that special gift, or even returning
something for a better selection. You might be window shopping to get a good
idea of what you intend to buy later on. Or you and that special someone may be
out on your date night to a special place.

But be aware that whereever you find yourselves over the coming Christmas
season, you just might spy someone, or two, standing just outside your favorite
haunt ringing that familiar Salvation Army bell, with appropriate aprons, and
offering you season’s greetings with a smile and a thank you.
You might even meet one of your closet friends --- a neighbor, a relative, or
that fellow that just moved in down the street. Keep in mind that these American
Legion bell-ringers are your neighbors, your friends, family members, and most
of all, some people you know well.

Additionally, Legionnaires and their families served America in our U.S. Armed
Forces here at home and abroad. They did it because they cherished our American
ideals of God, country, and family. They knew that by their sacrifice, you and their
family and friends would be safeguarded against foreign aggression on our shores.
So far, their efforts have obviously paid off.
The Post 3 Family of American Legion organizations will be ringing bells on
the afternoon of December 14th. Among the volunteers you’ll meet this holiday
season will be Auxiliary members, Sons of the American Legion, American
Legion Riders, and the Honor Guard.

If you’re interested in how to become a Salvation Army volunteer bell-ringer as
well, why not contact Post 3 or them through http://www.lincolnsa.volunteerfirst.
org, or call 402-474-6263.