The Legion

The American Legionis one of the best sourcesof help for any veterans'concerns, whether they be their health, welfare, families, socializing, and especially,supporting your local community.

Ifyou've ever felt left out of the loop of veterans happenings, now's your chance.

Contact American Legion  Post 3 here in Lincoln and add to your life's success.

The Legion

The American Legionoffers veterans help with filling disability claims, discounts on vehicle rentals, hotels and motels stays, and emergency support. The most important offering for a veteran is the comfort of fellow veterans having your back--your six--as you navigate through life after American military service.

Our Four Pillars are the best guide to just how far Legionnaires will go to aid fellow veterans and their families



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The Legion

The American Legion is a nonprofit group of veterans wanting to serve their resident communities, after giving their lives and families to safeguard America, through  the U.S. Armed Forces. On a local level, we band together in "posts," where the mission of the Legiontakes place daily. Legionnairesare intrinsically motivated by ourFour Pillars:

  • Children and Youth Programs
  • Americanism
  • National Security
  • Veterans Rehabilitation

Veterans: they know the story up close

Some of us veterans know the tale very well: confusion, heartache, troubled sleeping, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety...and the list goes on and on. It was war, plain and simple. Righteous? Holy? Worthy? No one will forget what happened on “9-11.” But...what is that to all those bad memories harassing your every, waking, consciousness, as if you were still asleep? A living horror story that absolutely NO ONE could EVER hope to understand, let alone, comprehend. Yeah...but...not necessarily true.

‘Cause here comes the American Legion. What, you say, is this...Legion stuff? Well, we’re glad you asked. Let’s start with the obligatory public relations news release type info. Celebrating our 95th anniversary, dating back to 1919, shortly after an armistice wasdeclared, ending the “War to End All Wars,” the American Legion was formed to look after all American veterans’ welfare,  especially those experiencing their post-active duty life. TheAmerican Legion was a prime mover behind the now familiar, Department of Veterans Affairs, which opened for business in 1929. Yes, that’s right. The Legion was there for vets then,and is definitely here for you now.

Asthe first veterans’ group of its kind, the American Legion wants you to join us to help your fellow vets through the sometimes baffling maze of the VA, plus help you and your family find your rightful place “back in the world.” Back in the day, things may have been unsettling as a man or woman under  orders to put your life on the line for America’s continued freedom from terrorists,’re home now. Why not put that need tobe a part of something to use for your community? They can use your leadership, management, and overall, “get-the-job-done”proven ability to work to benefit  everyone, right near your own home. But let the Legion be your first contact on your road back to your American world, which helped you  become the good person you are today.

Dr William Jackson

nebraska department chaplain

Why join?

Located at 123 S. 84th Street, a AL Post 3 official will be available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 - 1130am. Mailing address is: P.O.Box 5525 Lincoln, NE 68505

Jack Sibert is AL Post 3 commander

Larry Benac, Adutant

Office number: 402-466-3958




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